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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

On-farm evaluation of carcase cooling containers

Trials are underway looking at the benefits of chilling fallen stock before collection, with cooling containers now installed and operational on two trial farms. The aim is to help improve biosecurity and rendered value of the carcase.

The collection and disposal of fallen stock represents a significant cost to pig units. In addition, on-farm storage, plus movements of fallen stock in transit between sites, can pose a serious risk to both biosecurity and the environment. This has taken on greater importance with African Swine Fever in eastern Europe and PEDv in the USA and Canada.

The carcase cooling containers are fitted with a mains-powered refrigeration unit connected with a 16amp plug and each is fitted with a meter to monitor the exact consumption.  The electricity meter will help establish the cost of running the container on the farm. Along with temperature data, it can assess how the weather impacts on costs.

AHDB Pork environment and building research coordinator Sue Rabbich said: “Before being able to recommend the system for the industry to adopt, further research will focus on quantifying the effects of storage temperature and duration upon the carcase yield, quality, odour emissions and microbial stability. The aim is to develop a more secure, cost-effective and sustainable on-farm system.”

For more information view the photostory at http://pork.ahdb.org.uk/news/photo-stories/on-farm-evaluation-of-carcase-cooling-containers/

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