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Monday, 2 February 2015

Assess options for pig building investments

Optimising the environment in which pigs are reared and finished is important for maximising health and productivity. However, with profit margins tight for many pig producers, investment in pig housing isn’t always top of the agenda.

BPEX has run a couple of study tours for English producers, aiming  to present them with different options for ventilation and slurry management systems, focusing on how they could help enhance English  pig productivity and, at the same time, reduce ammonia emissions and their impact on the environment.

Thomas Burling, BPEX building and environment business support says that, to date, the study tours have provided really valuable information for the development of the English pig industry. “They’ve given producers and industry experts the chance to see, first-hand, systems which are less commonly seen in England, that  producers could  introduce  to boost production.

“A well-ventilated building can help reduce the outbreak and spread of disease.  It’s therefore  beneficial that our producers are aware of the latest technologies available, particularly with regard to ventilation systems and also the impacts of new regulations placed on ammonia emissions,” he adds. “Ammonia is becoming an ever-more prevalent topic due to EU targets.

The aim of a BPEX trip to Flanders, a region where tight environmental legislation already exists, was to assess what English pig producers could learn from the Flemish system.
Another study tour to Ireland saw English producers and BPEX team members investigate how producers have adopted building technologies to improve ventilation.

Click here to view the BPEX Live webinar with photos and findings from these trips. 

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