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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Users rate BPEX Practical Pig App

The hundreds who have used the BPEX Practical Pig App so far have rated it 4.8 out of 5 and BPEX is encouraging even more people to download it to help build practical skills on pig units. 

The free app now features nearly 100 short video clips that demonstrate practical techniques, covering breeding and wean-to-finish systems, both indoor and outdoor. All videos can be viewed on the website too. So managers and staff can use the app in situ out on the unit, watching and discussing the video clips either on a smartphone or tablet computer, or on a PC in the office.

The clips explain not only how tasks are done but also why they are done in a certain way and what impact that can have on pig productivity. The app is ideal for supervisors to watch with their stockmen, either out on the unit or in the staffroom during tea break – so they can highlight key points and explain them in the context of their particular farm.

To view the videos on a PC or laptop, go to practicalpig.bpex.org.uk and to download the app for smartphone or tablet computer, go to play.google.com or www.apple.com and search for BPEX Practical Pig App. 

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