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Monday, 6 October 2014

Manage soil to boost benefits for both pig and arable farmers

We have added four new video clips on soil management for outdoor pig units  to the BPEX Practical Pig App and website.
The short videos are presented by Tim Schofield, FWAG farm conservation adviser, along with Nigel Penlington of BPEX, and cover: soil types, compaction, risk mapping and field gradients.

They summarise how and why soil must be carefully managed, to help maximise the benefits for both pig and arable farmers and minimise any environmental impact. Reducing the risk of surface water run-off should be high on the priority list, as well as utilising the natural nutrients supplied by the pigs. 

The Practical Pig App now features nearly 100 short video clips that demonstrate management techniques on farm, covering breeding and wean-to-finish systems, both indoor and outdoor.

Managers and staff can use the app in situ out on the unit, watching and discussing the video clips either on a smartphone or tablet computer, or on a PC in the office.

The BPEX Good Soil Management Practice guide accompanies the videos and can be found at: www.bpex.org.uk/environment-hub/soil-water/default.aspx

To view the videos on a PC or laptop, producers should visit practicalpig.bpex.org.uk and to download the app, free, for smartphone or tablet computer, go to play.google.com or www.apple.com and search for BPEX Practical Pig App.

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