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Monday, 29 September 2014

Keep the momentum with feed conversion and growth

Feeding herd growth and feed conversion continued to get better in the year to June 2014, according to the latest Agrosoft data. The feed conversion ratio in the rearing stage improved marginally at 1.73 and there was a faster improvement in the finishing herd, where the FCR was 2.66, down from 2.81 in the previous year.

Daily weight gain was higher than a year earlier in the rearing herd, up from 488g to 511g/day while, in the finishing herd, it was just under 800g/day. 

Improved feed, timing on ration changes, water availability, water quality and investments in better building ventilation will all have contributed to these gains and English finisher producers need to keep focused on these to continue improving.

Strong weaning weights, stocking rates, weighing and recording are also important factors. BPEX calculates that an improvement of just 0.1 in FCR on a 300 sow unit could generate £14,000 savings per year in the feed bill. 

The wean-to-finish section on the BPEX Practical Pig App has short on-farm video clips to help demonstrate important tasks to staff, from preparing weaner accommodation to managing feed, checking water flow rates and weighing pigs.

Feed conversion ratio and daily liveweight gain are the key performance targets for the finishing herd BPEX is focused on helping the industry achieve this year, alongside numbers of pigs weaned per sow for the breeding herd. This is to help close the gap in its competitiveness with other countries

Key performance targets BPEX is focused on helping the industry achieve this year:
+1 pig weaned per sow per year
+50g daily liveweight gain, 7kg to slaughter
-0.1 feed conversion ratio, 7kg to slaughter

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