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Monday, 2 June 2014

Focus on ‘the three Rs’ to tackle seasonality

Given the last few winters we’ve had, it’s hardly surprising that sows do not want to farrow during the colder months. 

But there are measurements producers can take this summer to give real-time information about ‘at risk’ sows, so that their management can be 
adapted and reproductive loss reduced.

Roundness, returns and replacements, ‘the three Rs’, are the key areas to focus on recording. Specifics include:
  • Body condition scoring at farrowing and weaning identifies sows that are at risk of losing condition during lactation
  • A fertility chart gives a real-time farrowing rate record and identifies when sows are returning
  • Recording dates of oestrus on simple recording sheets and colour coding gilts using spray marker (pictured) helps keep track of replacement gilts coming into the system. 
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