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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Electronic sow feeders outdoors help reduce feed waste

Electronic sow feeders (ESF) for outdoor sows are helping to reduce feed waste in an on-farm trial by LKL Farming, using a BPEX Innovation Fund grant.

Feed savings have been calculated at about £15 per sow per year, with cost savings from increased sow productivity to be calculated next.

We set up the project to see if it would reduce competition between sows and feed them according to their body condition, as well as making more efficient use of feed and reducing vermin.

After some initial difficulty with unreliable wireless, the unit staff are now confident using the feeders and have a system for training both sows and gilts which takes about four days.
Go to www.bpex.org.uk/events/conferences/producer for more information in a presentation by production manager Malcolm Knowles.

The Innovation Fund grants mean pig producers can share the risk of investing in new or unproven technology or equipment, with BPEX offering up to 50% funding to producers to try out new and innovative ideas and share the pros and cons with fellow producers. Contact your regional knowledge transfer manager for more information.

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