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Friday, 26 April 2013

Understanding your farm data

Our new 2TS Recording Project is well underway. It’s to help pig producers understand recorded data to improve their herd performance and profits.

We are working with pig recording analyst Sanne Baden and six different pig producers on the project, as part of the Breed +3 initiative.  Sanne is making four visits to each farm over the course of this year.

Plans producers made after their initial discussions included: 1) measuring the impact of different genetics through the system 2) reducing the number of non-productive days by scanning twice and using boars to check for heat and 3) recording causes of death in the farrowing house to help pinpoint associations with higher than normal pre-weaning mortality rates.

Herd performance recording and spending time understanding trends and patterns in the data helps pinpoint which changes could make the biggest difference to pig performance and cutting costs.

Please contact me or any member of the KT team if you’d like any guidance on recording and understanding your data.

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