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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Record turnout for online tour of Danish farms

More than 70 people attended our BPEX Live online workshop this week – the most since the series began – to see photos of new technologies and buildings on Danish pig farms.
These included loose farrowing pens, new weaned pig accommodation and a slurry cooling system to reduce ammonia emissions and extract heat.
Despite a technical hitch at the start of the workshop, viewers stayed online to ask the presenters more about the technologies and pig performance.

The presenters, Lis Ravn and Nigel Penlington from BPEX and Jonathan French from BOCM Pauls, travelled with a group of English pig producers, buildings manufacturers and feed consultants on the BPEX study tour to Denmark in March.

Running the online workshop, or ‘webinar’, was a way for them to share what they had learned with many more people across the industry.

It is an increasingly popular way for producers to gain new knowledge; everyone can join in online from their own home or office and they have the chance to join in and ask questions or just listen in and pick up some ideas.
The presentation on the Danish tour is now available to download from: www.bpex.org.uk/news/events/webinars/default.aspx 

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