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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The results are in for one unit’s pig growth trial…

Nick Butler from Elanco and I visited a south-west unit to speak to farm staff about the results of their Full Value Pig project trial – which involved selecting and tagging 100 piglets at birth then weighing them at every stage until slaughter.

It’s a valuable exercise which helps pinpoint any stages where there is variation in pig performance so that targeted changes can be made to help improve growth.

Staff were interested to hear the results and suggested a few management practices that might help reduce variation. The main source of variation in the herd was immediately post weaning and the staff are now thinking of different ways of addressing this including:
  • better sorting of pigs
  • one person taking full responsibility of weaner pigs
  • trialling a different creep feed
Click here to see photos of Nick on farm tagging and weighing pigs.

And for more information about the Full Value Pig programme and improving finishing herd performance click here http://www.bpex.org.uk/news/events/focusonfinishing/default.aspx    or contact me or your local knowledge transfer manager.

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