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Friday, 23 November 2012

Finisher Challenge champions

Congratulations to Chris Leamon, overall national winner of the 2TS Finisher Challenge and winner in the east.

Chris improved his finisher herd’s FCR by 24%, average daily gain by 10.5% and mortality by 28%. He has a 320-sow breed-to-finish unit in Essex and uses a liquid feeding system.

During the Challenge, Chris decided to improve pig flow and reduce the number of movements postweaning from four moves down to two, for most pigs. The change in flow has also allowed all rooms to be all-in, all-out and Chris is now able to clean and disinfect all rooms between batches.
Chris has also upgraded some of his old grower accommodation, as he needed more weaner accommodation, and now can wean into those rooms too. Pigs are then thinned down and gradually moved to fully-slatted grower-finisher accommodation where they stay until slaughter. All pigs remain in the same group from weaning through to slaughter.

Another change Chris made was to increase the dry matter of his feed.

Ian Juffs was the regional Challenge winner in the south and Philip Sanderson was the winner in the north. Click here for more.

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