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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Every unit can achieve pigs’ full potential

Elanco’s Full Value Pig (FVP) concept has been a great way for producers to get involved with the 2TS Finisher Challenge and improve performance.
I’ve worked with six different farms on FVP projects. Doing this exercise can identify areas where pigs are under-performing that you would not have spotted otherwise.  On several farms we have found that specific groups of pigs are not always achieving their potential and that is regardless of whether they started as the heaviest or lightest pigs at weaning.

Suitable interventions to achieve more of this potential can then be made, for example: flow changes, reducing movements and sizing of pigs. Producers weigh pigs at different stages from birth through to finishing, with help from Elanco and BPEX. The data is analysed by Elanco and the BPEX KT manager helps the producers interpret it. 

Find out more about it at our 2TS Focus on Finishing conferences next week – view my video invitation here!  
If you’re interested in an FVP exercise on your farm, please contact me or your local KT manager.  

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