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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Planning permission – doing the groundwork

The pig industry has suffered from a lack investment in new buildings, mostly in nursery and grower/finisher accommodation. A consequence of this is often poor pig performance and increased production costs.

So, when producers apply for planning permission for new buildings, it’s important to do the groundwork to make sure it goes through smoothly. 

Before applying, they need to:

  • Discuss the planning application with their local planning office
  • Research similar applications to identify previous problems or successes
  • Consider the perspective of neighbours and local residents
  • Ensure all planning application paperwork is completed thoroughly and to a high standard. Anticipate where objections could come from and put solutions in place where appropriate. For example: to improve visual impact, consider a sensitive planting scheme or see if ground-level bins can be used as an alternative to tall bulk bins.
High-quality, fit-for-purpose buildings help producers to:
  • Deliver high standards of animal health and welfare
  • Improve feed use and growth rates
  • Reduce environmental impacts such as release of odour and ammonia
  • Offer opportunities to improve labour
  • Improve energy efficiency
Go to the BPEX Environment Hub for more information. You also contact Anna Davis (pictured)on 0247 647 8798 or anna.davis@bpex.ahdb.org.uk 

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