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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Post-weaning growth check can be avoided

The post-weaning growth check can be avoided, producers heard at our 2TS Focus on Weaning conferences this week.

While the growth check is a commercial fact on many farms, it is actually a scientific fiction, said Mick O’Connell from Devenish Nutrition (pictured left). For newly weaned pigs, the priority is to maximise water and feed intake – water can often be the ‘forgotten nutrient’ but feed intake is determined by water consumption, not the other way round.
Supplying plenty of clean water came up several more times when pig producers spoke about how they get weaners off to a good start on their farms, including Cameron Naughton (middle) who has outdoor weaners in the south west and Simon Colchester (right) who rears pigs indoors from 7kg in East Anglia.

Read more from the conferences on my Twitter feed @2TSPigs_lis and download all the presentations from the BPEX website later today.

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