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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Finishers - are you ready for a challenge?

A few pig finishers have already said they want to join in our 2TS Finisher Challlenge this year. BPEX has challenged English producers to see how much further they can improve growing pig production by October this year.
If you've heard about it and are curious about what is actually involved, contact one of us in the BPEX knowledge transfer (KT) team to find out more. Then you just need say you are ready to go for it and we'll take it from there.

We will help identify areas of ‘lost potential’ and find ways to fine tune your system. It does not matter what type of finishing system or what the starting point is – the challenge is open to all finishing and contract finishing pig units in England.The goal is to improve performance in the growing pig herd to help the industry reach the two-tonne sow target and increase profitability.
We know that, with an improved focus and often small management changes, a big difference in production can be made. We’ll be providing support throughout the challenge, particularly with performance data records and how to make best use of them.We’d like pig finishers to get in touch as quickly as possible – we’re excited to see what can be achieved by October 2012!There will also be prizes for ‘most improved production’.
Click here for contact details.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Countdown to compulsory electronic pig movement

The countdown is on to when the eAML2 pig movement system becomes compulsory at the beginning of April 2012 in England and Wales.

There is a BPEX Live online workshop on Monday 30 January at 7pm to demonstrate how to get started with the system and answer questions. Producers can register for the workshop and join in from their home or office here.

To be legal, pig movements must be reported through the eAML2 system from April by either setting up the movement online or by contacting the eAML2 Bureau Service. There will also be third party providers such as the British Pig Association or marketing groups.

The current carbon copy AML2 paper form will stop being a valid form of pig movement reporting.

The eAML2 system is already being used for movements of pigs to abattoirs, farms auction markets, movements via collection centre and shows. All pig keepers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the electronic system ready for April and register with the service.

To register for eAML2 visit http://www.eaml2.org.uk/ and click on ‘Producer registration’ or call the eAML2 bureau service on 0844 335 8400 or fax to 02476 692 405. There are also ‘quick start’ guides available online.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Giving sows a rest post-service

A few different things have been tried out on farm following the Stockman Development North training session on service management.
When we re-capped on the topic at our most recent session, stockmen said:
- sows are now rested for 20 mins after service, with boar contact
- service house design is being improved on one unit by building an extension
- they went home and checked lights and water etc to minimise causes of anoestrus
- they were considering doing an oestrus plan to help improve heat detection / time of service for optimal numbers born alive.
Breeding companies ACMC and JSR then joined the group, to explain more about the work that goes on before good quality semen, gilts or boars arrive on farm. It is important to manage these products well on farm to get the most from them and minimise costs to the business.