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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Monitor sows at farrowing - don't be without a disc

Robin Brice is one of many producers now using BPEX’s farrowing discs. Showing them in use in the farrowing house, he told us "We wouldn’t be without them. I bet BPEX has sent out thousands of them!”

The requests have certainly been coming in. Producers who would like to order some, free of charge, can call 0247 647 8792 or email kt@bpex.org.uk

The disc is simple to use and helps monitor sows' progress at farrowing. There are three coloured circles on the disc, one to mark the time over the course of 12 hours, the second to record how many piglets were born alive at the time they were last checked and the third to mark how many piglets were born dead.

Three movable arrows are used to show the sow’s latest progress, so all staff know how she is getting on and can provide the right management for her and her piglets.

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