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Monday, 21 November 2011

The pig industry is in good hands...

The BPEX Professional Manager Development Scheme (PMDS) is back for 2012. Joining the course when it gets started in January are:

Sophie Howe, Writtle College, Essex; Kathryn Mutimer, BQP, Suffolk; Jason Ashford, Mutimers, Norfolk; Simon Ashley, Bawsey Pigs, Norfolk; Andrew Sankey, Shropshire; Philip Payne, Henson Farms, Wiltshire; Harry Heath, M&J Heath, Shropshire; Tony Wright, Shedden Farms, Yorkshire; Nick Baird, Greenway Farms, Buckinghamshire; Anna Davis, BPEX, Warwickshire.

Pig producer and AgriSkills Forum chairman Richard Longthorp was on the selection panel and said: “We have some fantastic talent and I have no doubt the 2012 PMDS group will carry the banner of professionalism in the pig industry with as much distinction as their predecessors. The industry is indeed in good hands.”

Click here for more about the course and here to watch videos with the 2010 cohort.

Friday, 18 November 2011

More than 30 people log on for first BPEX Live

Pig producers from across the UK took part in the first BPEX Live interactive online workshop with Dr. Luke Minion, who spoke live from Minnesota. He explained how his region’s pig health improvement measures could be applied to the UK market.

Focusing on BPEX’s recently launched Pig Health Improvement Project (PHIP), Luke said: “The UK has an industry that could eliminate diseases such as PRRS through teamwork between producers, veterinarians, and the industry.”

He explained that it is vital producers know their neighbourhood health status first, in order to eliminate any disease from a particular area or cluster of farms. “If your health status goals are aligned – our experience says you can find a way!”

More than 30 people logged on for BPEX Live from their home or office computer. Producers said they found it very useful, so watch this space for more to come. To view Luke’s presentation, click here.

Sign up to the PHIP is free for pig producers. Simply download an application form from www.pighealth.org.uk. Alternatively, producers can contact their vet, or call BPEX on 0247 647 8877.

Monday, 7 November 2011

More pigs in the box mean better returns

Pig producers can improve returns by aiming for at least 85% of finished pigs to meet the top grade specifications on their abattoir contract. This was a key message from a Walk the Line Day held at VION’s Malton processing plant, jointly hosted by BPEX.

Walk the Line days are designed to help share best practice among members of the pig supply chain.

Processors want to receive a particular type of pig to best meet the demands of retailers and consumers for particular cuts, sizes and trends such as the preference for low fat pork.

Pigs which do not meet the optimum contract specifications require more processing which incurs more cost, which can then affect the price received by suppliers. It is essential producers understand their contract and the product they need to supply. Pigs that grade outside the ‘optimum box’ can lose 10p per kg on average. There is guidance in 2TS Action for Productivity factsheets 11: Increasing uniformity of finished pigs and 22: Improve your marketing return. Click here or call 024 7647 8792.

William de Klein from VION Food Group said: “This is a part of a wider programme that aims to improve supply chain communications." To help make information as accessible as possible, VION sends producers text messages containing their slaughter data and a more detailed report is sent by email.