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Monday, 10 October 2011

Simple, effective and free: farrowing discs

We have stocked up on more of our popular 2TS Farrowing Discs, which producers hang up in the pen to monitor a sow’s progress at farrowing.

To request your free farrowing discs and a guide to using them email Clancy Smith or call her on 0247 647 8792.

The disc can either be hung above the farrowing pen on a string with a bulldog clip or attached to the pen side somewhere easily accessible. After each sow has finished farrowing, the disc can be moved to the next farrowing sow and it is useful to have several discs in each farrowing house.

Attention to detail during farrowing is essential to get newborn piglets off to a good start and it has a major influence on overall litter productivity, which is one of the key areas of focus for breeding units aiming for the 2TS target.

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