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Monday, 12 September 2011

Huge numbers sign up for pig health scheme

Nearly 800 pig units have now signed up to free BPEX Pig Health Scheme (BPHS) membership, which is approximately 50% of all assured units.

All 785 BPHS members are also Pig Health Improvement Project (PHIP) members, having jointly registered for both schemes via the new sign-up process.

The BPHS provides members with post-mortem health data, with checks carried out by specialist vets when producers submit pigs to participating abattoirs. It helps producers and vets to monitor and assess the health condition of stock.

The health report sent back to producers gives them a picture of their overall herd health which they can then discuss with their vet to tackle any issues promptly.

It includes sub-clinical disease which is not always easy to spot on farm, but still affects performance. That’s why we want producers to take advantage of BPHS and to use it to inform what they do on farm as part of the Pig Health Improvement Project.

For BPHS information click here and, for PHIP, click here.

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