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Friday, 29 July 2011

Lorry wash project gathers pace

A very successful meeting was held last night in Derbyshire as part of the East Midlands Pig Health project (EMPH), following in the footsteps of the Eastern Pig Health (EPH) meeting held in the spring.

Peter Kettlewell and Eddie Harper, both livestock haulage consultants, presented to a group of 25 people including producers, hauliers, marketing groups and processors.

The meeting covered important issues surrounding biosecurity when hauling pigs to slaughter and included positive discussions on cost of lorry wash facilities to abattoirs, cost to hauliers if they have to wash out somewhere else and the cost producers face if they break down with swine dysentery.

One thing was clear from the meeting: all sectors of the industry are serious about tackling lorry washing facilities and haulage standards and change is now afoot to make sustainable, long term improvements.

The lorry wash project will come to the south west on 20 September and to Yorkshire on 29 September. If you have any queries or want to be involved please contact Katrin Turvey (pictured).

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