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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The cost of empty days

Do you know what an 'empty' day costs you? If not, try using this equation to work it out..

Cost per sow-day =

Total annual breeding herd expenditure / (productive sows x 365)

Cost of reproductive failure =

Cost per sow-day X empty days per annum / pigs born alive (sold) per sow per year

Myself and Colin spent some time discussing the financial impact of empty days and wanted to provide a simple way to quantify the cost.

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There's also more information and advice in 2TS Action for Productivity 26 - Improving Key Peformance Indicators: Breeding Herd

1 comment:

  1. add gestation to lactation interval
    Multiply this by farms litters/sows/year
    Subtract from days of the year