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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Pig industry going beyond Government environment targets

The pig industry is setting out how it intends to achieve reductions in its environmental impact in a Roadmap launched this week by BPEX and its partners.

The document sets out targets for the reduction of key environmental burdens over the next 10 years and goes beyond the 11% reduction set by Government for agriculture in England.

The report targets four key areas; climate change, the amount of nutrients and scarce natural resources used and the release of acidic gases.

BPEX Environment Programme Manager Nigel Penlington, who wrote the report, said: “The aim is to reduce all of these by between 15% and 17%. Since 2001 we have already seen reductions of between 7% and 17%.

“The roadmap not only outlines the targets for the industry but also takes a broad look at ways these targets can to be achieved.

“Here the Two-tonne Sow Campaign will have a major role in helping achieve the targets at a very practical level.

“Lower mortality, improvements in piglets per sow per year, better feed conversion, for example, are all 2TS targets which, when achieved, will help hit the Roadmap target reductions.”

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