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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Typical straw usage?

The Knowledge Transfer team is asked questions on all kinds of pig production topics. We recently received an email from a producer wondering if we have any benchmark figures for straw use...

Any thoughts on this? See Helen's response and add your comments below, or use the 'Ask BPEX' button opposite.

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  1. Sows: 750kg-1000kg/sow/annum
    Nursery: 1 tonne per 100 growers for a 9-week stint, so 10kg per grower per 9 weeks
    For scrape through systems: just roughly divide by 2, so 5kg/grower/9 weeks

    Scrape through system: 0.25kg/pig/day = 13kg per annum (if continuous)
    Deep bed - cleared out 2 to 3 times per annum: 0.5kg/day = 26kg a year (or slightly less with empty days)

    So I can sum up below. Let me know if you have got very different figures.

    Outdoor sows: 2-2.7 kg/sow/day
    Nursery deep bed: 0.16 kg/weaner/day
    Nursery scrape through: 0.8 kg/weaner/day
    Finisher deep bed: 0.5 kg/pig/day
    Finisher scrape through: 0.25 kg/pig/day