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Monday, 28 February 2011

Health challenge: protecting your pyramid

I asked producers to critique what they do on their units at three brand new workshops on biosecurity: 'Protecting your pyramid'. Between them they were responsible for producing more than 21,000,000kg of pork per annum and all went away armed with extra information on how to keep their herds protected. The workshops focused on protecting herd health and key bio-security principles to, firstly, stop disease entering the unit and, secondly, stop its spread around the unit.

Areas the groups identified as being the most inconsistent, where biosecurity can go wrong, are: the distance between isolation facilities and the main unit, shared equipment and acclimatisation.
Practical sessions on rodent control, loading facilities and visitor policy were discussed alongside other important issues BPEX is working with producers to manage, such as Salmonella and notifiable diseases.

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