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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A future in pigs

Helen Brookes of BPEX asked for student’s opinions of the pig industry, and their potential futures within it, when she delivered a lecture to Agriculture Diploma students at Kingston Mauwood College in Dorset.

The lecture covered an overview of BPEX and the industry in its current state and went on to discuss how the courses developed by BPEX can compliment their studies and provide ideas for projects and assessments.

Many ideas were put forward by students on why the pig industry is attractive to younger people, including:

"Pig units are a lot more high tech that other livestock farms so it gives the people working on them more variation in their job.”

However, the strain to their social lives due to the biosecurity measures was a concern to them because of the movement limitations placed on both humans and pigs. They felt this could reduce the interactions they had with other pig producers and create a secluded environment.

If you would like BPEX to come to your college please contact Helen Brookes: 07891 214335.

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