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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Finisher units measure up

One important message came through from a very busy finisher workshop in the South West: measure the changes you make to understand what your inputs are doing for pig performance.

A total of 41 finishers came along for the BPEX finisher workshop at Collumpton. Elanco really got the room thinking with an explanation of its Full Value Pig concept: weight variation is a real issue on units and some pigs are over 40kg apart at the same age.

The group started to consider their own unit and what could be happening to cause this weight disparity - deciding on the possible factors within genetics, health, environment and the seasons.

BPEX is running seven Full Value Pig projects with Elanco on farm and would like to see more. Get in touch with me or your regional Knowledge Transfer Manager if you're interested.

  • Annie Davis from the George Vet Group Pig updated us on mycoplasma arthritis and bovine TB
  • we took a look at what has come out of a BPEX PCV2 study
  • and brainstormed ways to solve tail biting!

We rounded up with a NADIS health quiz and a chat about a new concept that George Vet Group is trialling: all about checking lying area requirements versus total space requirements and understanding what feed cost is lost through pigs lying outside their thermal neutral zone.

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