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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The ‘natters that matter’ in the East

Our first ‘Pig East’ e-newsletter has just gone out to producers in the East, to update on important matters in the region. Training is a big priority, so it includes full details of all pig clubs and training events happening in the East this autumn.

As one pig manager responded after reading Pig East: “We can see a difference between our top and bottom herds in the number of pigs produced per sow. Staff can make or break a unit, so any way we can help motivate to get the best results is a bonus to all of us.”

Also, everyone should make sure they get recognised for the training they do by registering on the Pig Industry Professional Register (PIPR).

All who are interested in any type of training can get in contact direct or go to the training section on the website.

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