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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Brazil: obsessed with feed conversion

I'm currently in Brazil on my latest trip for my Nuffield Scholarship studies.

The Nutron Group welcomed me into their offices with the observation that there is growth in the global population and they want to be part of feeding the population in a transparent and sustainable way.

Okay, that sounds familiar. So where is Brazil now? Brazil has 2.4m sows, a growth of 100,000 in six years. Seventy percent of the pigs are in the three southern states.

They are obsessed with feed conversion ratio. One co-op even pays on feed conversion ratio, which does focus everyone on waste, and so they have these neat little disks round the feeders which means waste is minimised.

The feed conversion ratio of the Aurora co-op with 100,000 sows is 3.27 on a 85kg deadweight carcass. I questioned them on this obsession with feed conversion ratio for payment of the co-op farms and also how they measure it.

The measurement is simple. The co-op knows how much food is delivered and it knows what the weight of all the carcasses are so "you do the math".

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