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Monday, 27 September 2010

High standards of AI improve performance

We've produced a one-page summary on the BPEX AI Standard, which is now available to download here. It's a reminder of what the Quality Standard programme includes, the time invested in it over the last few years and the key points farmers should be aware of.
To try to improve the competitiveness of the English pig industry, BPEX and the NPA recognised that the industry needed to focus on improving reproductive performance and spread the costs of production over more pigs. The standard includes 'best practice' at each step of the production processes for collection and preparation of semen.
The five main British pig breeding companies (ACMC, Hermitage Seaborough, JSR Genetics, PIC, Rattlerow) all worked with BPEX and the NPA for 12 months to develop the BPEX AI Quality Standard, which was launched in September 2006.

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