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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Make pigs at home in the farrowing house

It’s important to make sure the farrowing room is clean and comfortable before sows go in. And, once they’ve farrowed, regular checks on the piglets’ progress and environment are a must.
Out on farm with staff at Ling Farm near Driffield, we went round the farrowing accommodation and discussed some of the priorities.
In between batches, the farrowing room is washed and disinfected and drying is equally important to make sure the cleaning and disinfection is effective. Plus it’s warm and dry for the sows coming in.
On farrowing days, spending more time in the farrowing rooms is well justified, as all piglets are checked daily and can be given extra care if needed. Staff can also monitor and adjust heat pad and room temperature. Over-heated pads can not only affect piglet lying behaviour, but also counteract the cooler room temperature set for the sows. It’s worth buying min/max thermometers for all rooms and logging the temperature.
For more advice, click here to download 2TS Action for Productivity sheets no. 14: Newborn management and no. 24: Improving KPIs pre-weaning.

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